Gaga Chaga Saga is a foot travel journal about a mushroom, a meditative picture of secreted forest paths, a retroactive look at fungi harvesting, an investigation into the spirit of a species of tree and growth, a prayer that something Gnostic might still live under the secular cover of day, a rural delight, a wondering prose poem, an ode to the forest and field guardians, a series of writings about nature and an open ended question about the relationship between thoughts/words and reality/experience. It’s about dogs and people, flowers and plants, insects and the sky, rain, snow, flaxen field and labyrinthine terrene pathways with verdant sides and the color orange that waits in the most unheard of places. It’s even about metaphysics, systems and nature and perhaps the search for the spirit of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. It’s about texture, the tactile experience, and old fashioned tomfoolery newly fashioned.

Of course, G.C.S. is also about tea.